Just picture the last time you were at a presentation, how long was it before the phone came out and you started checking your social media? You will never get your message across if you are doing battle with facebook or instagram.

No matter what level you are now, you can learn how to have an audience whether it is a boardroom meeting or hundreds at a conference hanging on your every word.

Effective Presentations:

A total of 21 hours Workshop over 7 sessions that will enable you to make a memorable and engaging presentation at any event. Successful completion of the course will  build skills and confidence to make sure that others are ready to listen to your message and will remember it long after.

This course is designed with native and non-native speakers in mind, basically if you have read this far, you could benefit. 

Each 3-hour session focuses on a different skill that you need to make the most confident presentations, whether it be for new clients, seminars or at company meetings.

Modules Include:

  • Narrative Skills
  • Body Language
  • Punchy Powerpoint
  • Voice Control
  • Q&A

Take Home:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Course notes
  • Course vocabulary
  • Evaluations from each session
  • A video of your progress and performance

All this for just €210

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We are now registering for Late August – October sessions in Thessaloniki, Greece. Register now and receive a full syllabus for Power Listener