Sometimes we bump into people we have met before, we greet them warmly and they greet us back but  there is something missing. All too often they have forgotten us, they have some vague memory of us but can’t recall our name. This is not a big deal in everyday life but when it happens in work, it can make a big difference.

Just a few simple techniques when you meet someone can make a huge difference and they can be learned by anyone. 

Introduce with Impact:

A total of 21 hours Workshop over 7 sessions that will enable you to make a memorable impression when you introduce yourself. Successful completion of the course will  build skills and confidence to make memorable introductions and sure that others are ready to listen to your message and will remember you long after.

This course is designed with native and non-native speakers in mind, basically if you have read this far, you could benefit. 

Each 3-hour session focuses on a different skill that you need to make the most engaging connections, whether it be for new clients, business connections or to make yourself more memorable at a job interview.

Modules Include:

  • Body language
  • Successful questions
  • Humour is the key
  • Engaging explanations
  • Effective evaluations
  • Confidence building

Take Home:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Course notes
  • Course vocabulary
  • Evaluations from each session
  • A video of your progress and performance

All that for just €210

We are now registering for May – June sessions in Thessaloniki, Greece. Register now and receive a full syllabus for Introduce with Impact