These courses have been developed to develop your skills to present yourself. Workshop style empirical learning that will involve full participation and commitment from all delegates.

Introduce with Impact 

First impressions count, people don’t have time or make time to invest in looking deeper so you get one chance. If you want to make yourself memorable, you have to make an impact, you need to put yourself front and centre in people’s sight.

If you want to be someone whose name is remembered, who gets the call when someone needs your skills or services, you need to achieve rapport and you won’t get long to do it.


Power Listener

Making connection with clients is crucial to business and yet too often representatives spend too much time talking and too little listening. This course develops listening and observation skills to understand the needs of the client and how to effectively cater to them.

Effective Presentations

You have your audience, you have your chance to get your message across, now what do you do? Don’t waste it! This course will teach you how to engage and influence your audience, whoever they may be.

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